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Financial & Commercial Services

Law with commercial sense. Advice on commercial contracts, trust structures, loans, financing arrangements, joint ventures, corporations, secured interests, business structures, and more.



Our experienced litigators excel in all levels of the court system. Whether you are making a claim or defending one we will fight for you. Contact us for both Court and Tribunal matters.


Real Property

We specialise in all aspects of real property related legal matters including large scale development work, commercial and retail leasing, strata affairs, and general and complex conveyancing.

Intellectual Property_o

Intellectual Property

Trade Marks. Patents. Tort of Passing Off. Consumer Law. Confidentiality. Investments. AHD Lawyers will help you protect your valuable Intellectual Property.


Public Notary Services

Need a document legalised or authenticated? Not sure if you need an Apostille from DFAT? AHD Lawyers offers an all inclusive service at reasonable rates.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy. Corporate Insolvency. DOCA's. Court work. AHD has extensive experience providing legal services to creditors, debtors, external administrators, trustees and more.

We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow. It is inevitable that companies will end up making a few mistakes; We help them correct these mistakes. We help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

We will prove everything you have in mind. Just hire us.

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